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At Spark It! Social Groups we believe that individualized group therapy goals, data collection, self-reflection, and great peer matches make social skills thrive. We keep our groups small with only two to four participants in order to maximize the amount of support each person receives and to keep goals focused. One of the most important steps of any therapy program is generalization and getting to use our skills out in the places we are expected to use them. To support this our groups include parent/support system participation through monthly check-in sessions at the end of group time and community outings.

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Our groups run weekly from October to June and focus on both group and individual-specific social skills goals. We like to think outside the box at Spark It! and tailor each lesson to the group members using a variety of social communication frameworks, such as Social Thinking, Zones of Regulations, etc. This allows us to make things more individualized and interactive, rather than using premade lesson plans. These year long groups offer a great way to maintain consistent therapy, target social difficulties as they arise, and increase quality of social relationships for each unique learner!




We also offer 8-week crash course sessions on specific themes to give learners a boost or new insight into a particular social skills topic. These sessions are great for learners that have been honing their skills, but need more info and direct practice on things such as confidence building, inferencing, interview skills, dating, building friendships, social media, texting, planning hangouts, etc. Check out our events page for more info on these.




For professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents, we offer workshop sessions to spark your social skills supports. Increase your knowledge and skills about fostering conversation, maintaining play, or building friendships. Check out our events page for dates and up coming special topics.


Groups are located at #24 - 223741 Lougheed Hwy in Maple Ridge and run weekly from September to June. Teen and elementary groups run in 55 mins time slots from 2pm-6pm. Preschool groups run in 75mins time slots from 9am-12pm.

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