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Spark It! Camp Summer July Series 2022

Join as for a variety of fun, elementary-aged mini-camp summer sessions! Each week will run a half-day on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday including an outing day, with a new theme & different skill set to keep summer fun and fresh. Come to a few mini-camps or all of them!

Email today to snag your spot!

July 5-7th "I'm Awesome! My Brain is Awesome!" A mini-camp of self-acceptance & brain exploration. More & more research is showing that self-acceptance may be the key to a growth mindset & improved quality life/mental health as we grow. Our campers will explore how different & awesome all brains are and what they love about their own!

July 12-14th "Cool & Confident" A mini-camp of confidence building & comfort zone exploration. Research has shown that a main building block of confidence is a willingness to take small chances and be okay with going outside one's comfort zone. Our campers will explore the boundaries of their comfort zones and participate in silly, fun ways to step outside them!

July 19-21st "Wondering Wild" A mini-camp of social wondering & social memory. A key to conversation, small talk, and initiating friendships is being able to socially wonder about someone and to remember your experiences with them. Our campers will explore what it means to socially wonder about someone, to create social memories of someone, and to use these skills in making friendships.

July 26-28th "Outing Alert" A mini-camp of social planning & group decisions. Having friends over & hanging out means having the skills to be able to make flexible group decisions and to execute these activities together. Our campers will practice making activity plans through in the moment group decisions for fun mini-outings into the community each day of camp.

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